Blaze in Upper Bukit Timah warehouse sparked foam clean up of canal

The Singapore Civil Defence Force says the foam that engulfed the Pung Sua Canal today was due to barrels of detergent-based concentrate that were damaged in a warehouse blaze last night. 

The SCDF said there were about 40 barrels of the detergent-based concentrate - each containing about 200 litres. 

The detergent that flowed out of the warehouse at Upper Bukit Timah Road yesterday sparked a mop-up of a nearby canal in Choa Chua Kang this morning 

Huge clouds of foam engulfed the Pung Sua Canal, and some of it drifted onto the nearby footpaths and roads. 

National Water Agency PUB said in a Facebook update at about 5pm, that the foam, which is non-toxic and is bio-degradable, has been mostly cleaned up. 

It has stopped pumping water from Sungei Pang Sua until the foam is completely cleared, and is monitoring the water quality.