Ex-CNB chief Ng Boon Gay back on the stand on Tuesday to testify in corruption trial

Former Central Narcotics Bureau Chief Ng Boon Gay is back on the stand to testify in his own corruption trial for a second day. 

This follows District Judge Siva Shanmugam's decision yesterday that there is a case for him to answer. 

Ng, 46, is accused of forcing 36-year-old Cecilia Sue, a former IT sales executive, into giving him oral sex, and in exchange, he allegedly helped further her employers' business interests. 

On Monday, Ng had told the court about his intimate sexual relationship with Ms Sue. 

He said the affair continued for about three years and there was never a break-up as suggested by the prosecution. 

Ng also told the court that they continued to meet up even after Ms Sue gave birth to her daughter in 2010. 

Yesterday morning, the prosecution laid out the reasons as to why there's a case for Ng to answer, contrary to what defence had claimed, in an attempt to get the case dismissed.