MTI: Strong statement by MOM on no strikes gives assurances to investors & companies

The government's strong stand against the illegal strike staged by the SMRT bus drivers from China will give companies and investors here, and potential investors the assurance about the country's stable labour relations. 

Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Teo Ser Luck, said this in an interview with Mediacorp. 

He said the strike earlier this week is a matter to be taken seriously. 

He stressed that Singapore's tripartism between the government, employer and unions has a strong bearing amongst investors. 

Mr Teo said there's also a need for SMRT to do more to address the concerns of the workers and closely examine its own processes. 

As for hiring only locals for essential services like public transport, Mr Teo said this is not always possible for service businesses.

He added that it's about keeping a balance between making sure there are job opportunities for Singaporeans and that jobs left unfilled do not impact the companies' ability to function. 

This is something that both the Trade and Industry and Manpower Ministries are constantly looking at.