Government adjusting balance between goals to achieve country's future objectives: PM Lee

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says the government is adjusting the balance between its key goals to achieve Singapore's future objectives. 

Mr Lee, who likened these goals to Yin and Yang elements that complement each other, said it's important to strike a balance between them. 

Mr Lee, who's also Secretary-General of the ruling People's Action Party, said this at the party's 32nd conference today. 

Stressing that the PAP must set a clear direction, he highlighted three key goals. 

First, it wants to achieve a vibrant economy by creating good jobs for everyone, as well as a harmonious society where people can enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life. 

Second, it wants a meritocratic system, along with special efforts to help those who start off with less to do well in school and upgrade at work. 

Third, it wants to build a Singapore where citizens belong and feel as one. 

This, as well as an open, cosmopolitan city that welcomes foreigners with the skills and talents to help the country succeed. 

Mr Lee said the balance between these goals will change will over time, and he said the government is in the process of adjusting them.