Most S'poreans support full punishment for drivers & govt's handling of strike: Poll

Most Singaporeans feel that the SMRT bus drivers from China should be punished fully under the law if they've breached Singapore's laws. 

This is based on a snap poll by the government's feedback channel, REACH, to find out how Singaporeans feel about the illegal strike on 26 and 27 November. 

About eight in 10 - or 78 per cent - feel this way, on the premise that Singapore has zero tolerance for illegal strikes. 

REACH, which shared its findings on Tuesday, polled 313 Singaporeans who're 15 years old and above between November 30 and December 2. 

Another key finding - 56 per cent agree with the government for taking the time to ascertain the facts before labelling the action as an illegal strike. 

76 per cent feel that the government acted swiftly in bringing the situation under control. 

76 per cent agree that while the drivers were wrong to have staged a strike, SMRT also bears some responsibility as it did not manage the grievances of the Chinese drivers well. 

An average of 74 per cent say the Chinese bus drivers should have gone through the proper channels to air their grievances. 

A large majority - of 85 per cent - are aware of the illegal strike.