International reports reaffirm Singaporean students remain among best performers

Two international reports have reaffirmed that Singapore's students remain among the best performers internationally in Reading, Mathematics and Science. 

The studies involved a sampling of Primary Four and Secondary Two students between 2010 and 2011. 

In Primary Four reading, for example, Singapore was among the top performers, along with Finland and Hong Kong. 

And in Secondary Two Mathematics, Singapore students were again at the top, on par with students from South Korea. 

Singapore's education system has also made significant progress in improving the performance of academically weaker students. 

The reports also measured the ability of students in three areas, namely knowing, applying and reasoning. 

In Singapore's context, students in both Primary Four and Secondary Two improved in reasoning scores in Maths and Science last year, compared to results in 2007. 

The Education Ministry says this also reflects the shift of schools towards higher-order skills.