SDP calls on PM Lee to call a by-election in Punggol East SMC

The Singapore Democratic Party says a by- election must be held in Punggol East SMC to preserve Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's moral authority. 

In a statement signed by SDP Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan, the party said Mr Michael Palmer stepping down as a Member of Parliament and also as Speaker of Parliament has left a gaping hole in the legislature that cannot be ignored or papered over. 

More importantly, SDP said voters of Punggol East have been badly let down and they deserve the opportunity to elect another representative. 

The statement said governance requires not just political but also moral authority. 

It added that without moral authority, the PM will find his power undermined and challenged from within and outside of his party. 

A by-election is the only way that Mr Lee can stem the erosion of his moral authority.