Foreign workers' dormitories could soon be accredited

From next year, foreign workers' dormitories could be accredited as the industry rolls out plans to raise dormitory standards and living conditions. 

The newly formed Dormitory Association of Singapore, which was established in September, released a set of benchmarks for dormitory housing today. 

It covers general living facilities, sanitation, storage and cooking facilities. 

For example, operators are expected to provide adequate facilities for workers to wash and dry their clothes. 

The association represents 11 owners and operators of foreign workers' dormitories, which provide more than 100,000 bed spaces. 

That's about 70 per cent of dormitory spaces here. 

The benchmarks were drawn up by the association, the Migrant Workers' Centre and authorities. 

The Association's Secretary-General Simon Lee hopes the authorities will consider using the accreditation scheme as a licensing condition for all operators.