Marriage and Parenthood Study finds that most singles want to get married

Most singles desire to get married and most would like to have two or more children.

These are some of the key findings of a Marriage and Parenthood study commissioned by the National Population and Talent Division.

The study involved 4,646  aged between 21 and 45 years.

It aims to understand the attitudes and motivations behind Singapore residents' marriage and parenthood trends.

83% of single respondents indicated that they desired to get married.

This is similar the 85% level recorded in the last study done in 2007

Respondents said they weren't married because they hadn't met a suitable partner, they wanted to concentrate on their careers or studies and they didn't have enough money.

For those in serious relationships, they said they weren't marrying yet because they wanted to save money for housing and the wedding and they were too young to get married.

The study also found that parenthood aspirations remained strong.

80% of singles who indicated a desired number of children wanted to have 2 or more children.

This is comparable to 84% in 2007.