Train services in both directions on NEL resume after six-hour disruption

Some 58,000 commuters were affected in the six-and-a-half hour train breakdown on the North East Line today. 

SBS Transit said in a statement that the disruption was due to a power fault - similar to the fault that had occurred in August last year, which also affected thousands of commuters. 

Train services were disrupted from 10.14am and resumed at 4.32pm this afternoon. 

SBS Transit said the cause of today's disruption was traced to a fault in the traction power system. 

Three stainless steel U-shaped bolts holding two cantilever arms of the overhead power cables broke in the northbound tunnel between HarbourFront and Outram Park stations.
The fault is similar to one that had occurred in August last year in the same tunnel section. 

The stainless steel U-bolts in question were checked following the August incident and found to be in good working condition. 

Given the August and today's incident however, all U-bolts in the tunnel, starting with the section between HarbourFront and Outram Park stations, will be replaced.