Resolving local problems in Punggol East still key for PAP candidate Koh Poh Koon

PAP candidate Koh Poh Koon says resolving local problems is still of primary concern for Punggol East residents. 

One main issue he wants to address is the number of pre-school places in the ward. 

Making sure children have sufficient places in pre-schools within the constituency. 

That's one of the main issues Dr Koh wants to address if elected. 

Dr Koh says his focus remains largely on handling local issues such as having more amenities as well as childcare services for the constituency. 

Dr Koh says he's not avoiding national issues like the high cost of living and transportation woes. 

But he feels that tackling local issues first will bring about more immediate reprieve for the residents. 

"How many childcare centres they have here and how do they get enough places to eat for example. These are all very local issues. Some blocks have bird problems, bird that goes into their houses. I wouldn't say this is a national problem when it comes to birds flying into homes, so it's these little things that actually makes life a little difficult and quite uncomfortable so I think talking and listening to them, I get a good sense that most of the things that preoccupy them are very much local." 

Wanting to interact personally with as many residents as possible continues to be Dr Koh's objective. 

"For me, I'm really trying to focus on what I need to do here because at the end of the day, if you're not focused on residents' issues, no one's going to vote you anyway." 

During Dr Koh's walkabout, he also bumped into Reform Party's candidate, Kenneth Jeyaretnam.