SDA's Desmond Lim to make use of new technology to reach out to residents

The Singapore Democratic Alliance will not be holding an on-site rally for the Punggol East by-election tomorrow.

The party's candidate Desmond Lim says the party will make use of new technology to reach out to residents. 

This will likely be in the form of an online rally which will be streamed.

Mr Lim was speaking to the media on the sidelines of a visit to the Arulmigu Velmurugan Gnanamuneeswarar Temple, at Rivervale Crescent.

He said cost was an important factor in the decision made unanimously by party members.

He said running an election is costly and the party is small, with limited resources. 

Mr Lim said using new media will also reach out to Punggol East residents, many of whom are younger and are more tech-savvy. 

He added the party would release details of this arrangement very soon. 

Mr Lim added that the decision was not made because the party could not get its rally application approved.