Motorists can expect more 'eyes' on the road

Motorists can expect more eyes on the road in the coming year - and they'll be both real and electronic.

Traffic Police plan to beef up their presence on the roads by getting auxiliary police to carry out enforcement and digitising existing enforcement cameras by 2014 so that they can issue summonses faster.

They're studying the possibility of increasing the number of enforcement cameras. 

They'll also increase community engagement and outreach efforts on road safety. 

For example, Traffic Police will identify more Road Safety Champions in various industries, including those with large fleets of heavy vehicles, to help promote road safety.

This will help to tackle a continuing increase in errant road users. 

According to the Traffic Police's annual report card released on Friday, there were 327,503 traffic violations in 2012. 

That's higher than the 316,214 in 2011 and 304,472 in 2010. 

The bulk is for speeding and running red lights. 

However, the overall traffic situation in 2012 improved, with fewer accidents and casualties. 

There were 7,168 fatal and injury accidents, a decrease of 758 cases from 2011.

Figures for two groups of road users - motorcyclists and their pillions, as well as pedestrians - also saw improvement.

Motorcycle fatalities fell to 76 in 2012, from 99 the year before. 

Pedestrian deaths dropped slightly - from 49 in 2011 to 44 in 2012.

Traffic Police Commander Cheang Keng Keong reminded road users to act responsibly.

He added that more initiatives will be announced in the coming months to deal with those who break the law.