MediaCorp's Toggle service available on multiple devices

MediaCorp's personal entertainment service, Toggle, is now available on multiple devices to offer an uninterrupted and engaging viewing experience.

Its over-the-top service offers entertainment, information and news to viewers online, on smart phones, tablets and smart TV. 

Users can subscribe to their favourite channels and movies. 

They can also register - at no cost - to watch free local content which MediaCorp has rights to, such as programmes from the Free-to-air channels in the form of Catch-up, as well as the linear streaming of Channel NewsAsia. 

For its Catch-Up service, viewers can subscribe to Toggle-It-First to watch the next five episodes of their Channel 8 dramas before they're shown on TV. 

Toggle viewers can choose to buy content on an a la carte basis, without having to subscribe to a basic bundle of programmes beforehand. 

They can access content via any internet service provider. 

Viewers can now enjoy 21 days of free preview when they register before 17 February. 

Go towww.toggle.sgor download the app on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

Toggle will soon be made available on smart TVs and android devices. 

For information on subscription plans, log on to or call at 6388 3888.

By mid-2013, Toggle plans to offer local content to Singaporeans overseas. 

Mr Philip Koh, Managing Director of Convergent Media Division, MediaCorp, said: "Toggle offers this experience by allowing you to choose the content you want, plus where and how you want to consume it. It is that personal. This means Toggle's content goes where you go, allowing you to switch from watching on your PC to your mobile phone when you leave home. And with the wide range of content offered, from different channels and movies to original productions, viewers will have a lot to keep them toggling."