The government says WP's proposal to cap the foreign workforce at current levels, extreme and risky.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, S Iswaran says the Workers Party's proposal to stop the intake of additional foreign manpower with immediate effect is drastic and inherently very risky.

Mr Iswaran said this will also send the completely wrong signal to the business and investor community, be it local or international.

It will damage Singapore's reputation and severely impair efforts to ...attract new and different businesses which can offer diverse job opportunities for Singaporeans.

It will also break faith with companies which have already invested here and are in the process of ramping up and adjusting to the new situation.

He said the government's not fixated on growth as some have suggested.

Neither does it take growth for granted.

What it's after is quality growth so as to create the best possible opportunities for Singaporeans.

Workers' Party chief Low Thia Khiang had earlier accused the government of reading its road map upside down.

Rejecting this view, Mr Iswaran who's also the second minister for Trade and Industry and Home Affairs, said the government is advocating a measured and balanced approach to transform the Singapore economy, to achieve a smooth landing.