New Singapore coins to feature updated landmarks like Esplanade

Singapore will have a whole new set of coins in circulation by the middle of this year.

The existing (2nd) series, depicting Singapore as a garden city, has been around for more than 25 years.

But they'll soon make way for the 3rd series - featuring new and updated landmarks.

For example, you'll see HDB flats on the 10 cent coin, home to more than 80 per cent of Singaporeans and the Esplanade on the 5 cent coin.

And to make it easier for the visually-impaired, the denomination numerals have been enlarged.

The coins will also increase in size according to denomination.

Foo-Yap Siew Hong, Assistant Managing Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore, explains:

"We need to renew for 2 purposes. One is to update the designs, as well as to put in anti-counterfeiting measures, such as the dollar coin for example, you put in the bi-metallic content as well as the Vanda Miss Joaquim as an additional feature."

MAS says its working with transport operators and vending machine operators to ensure coin-operated machines are calibrated to accept both old and new coins

And to ensure a smooth transition, the current series will continue to be legal tender, as they are phased out over the next four years.