Extra GST voucher, S&C & income tax rebates, lower maid levy to cope with cost of living

The government has introduced a slew of measures to help Singaporeans cope with the rising cost of living.

They'll get an extra one-off GST voucher, on top of the permanent voucher.

The government will gives rebates of one to three months for Service & Conservancy Charges.

One- and two-room HDB households will receive three months of rebates for 2013, while three- and four-room households will get two months.

Taxpayers will also receive rebates for personal income.

Those 60 years and above will enjoy a higher rebate of 50 per cent, capped at $1,500.

Those who're below 60 years old will get a rebate of 30 per cent, also capped at $1,500.

The concessionary foreign domestic worker levy will be lowered for families with young children, elderly dependents and persons with disabilities.

The levy will be reduced from $170 to $120 per month.