PDPC conducts public consultation on data protection guildelines for telecoms and real estate agency sectors

The Personal Data Protection Commission, or PDPC, is launching a 3-week public consultation on two sets of proposed advisory guidelines on how the Personal Data Protection Act applies for the telecommunication and the real estate agency sectors. 

These are the first sector-specific advisory guides being introduced. 

The guides help with the interpretation and application of the Personal Data Protection Act law in actual scenarios. 

The InfoComm Development Authority's Deputy Director-General for Telecoms and Post Ms Aileen Chia says that these guidelines can provide greater clarity for businesses to help them better comply with the law. 

And consumers will benefit from that. 

"So for example in the telecomm sector guide provide scenarios like roaming, how to service providers treat personal information when it comes to inbound or outbound roamers. In real estate agency guidelines, we also provided examples on situations like dealing with personal information in guestbooks, whether telemarketing calls can be made to the numbers put in these guest books."

The Act comes into effect on July the 2nd. 

The sectoral guidelines may be extended to more sectors, such as banking, private education and healthcare. 

PDPC says the views will help it obtain more extensive feedback from the industry and determine if there are other issues or scenarios 

The public consultation will be held between 23 January to 13 February. 

More details on the consultation are available on the PDPC's website.