ACRA brings 78 charges against Data Register Pte Ltd

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) has brought 78 charges against a company, Data Register, for offences committed under the Companies Act. 

Six similar charges are pending. 

ACRA says Data Register is charged with multiple breaches of section 144 of the Companies Act, for failing to display the company name and registration number in its correspondences with companies in November last year. 

In those correspondences, it requested companies to verify their company details with it through its website. 

A single breach of section 144 of the Companies Act carries a maximum fine of a thousand dollars. 

ACRA says it has received over two thousand queries from members of the public since Novermber in relation to the correspondences they had received from Data Register. 

Many informed ACRA that they had mistakenly assumed that Data Register was linked to it and that they were obliged to provide the requested information. 

After Data Register sought payment for subscription services from some companies, ACRA again received queries asking whether such payment had to be made. 

With regard to allegations that the actions by Data Register amounted to a scam, ACRA says it has referred the case to the Commercial Affairs Department for their investigation. 

ACRA says as the case is now before the courts, members of the public may consider waiting for further developments before making payment. 

Members of the public who have unwittingly made payment may wish to seek legal advice, or request for a refund from the company.