The government will be making the next Workfare Income Supplement payment to employees in March.

More than 270 thousand people will receive a total of 294 million dollars for work done in 2008.

As part of the Resilience Package announced during Budget this year, they will receive a further 49 million dollars, in the first of three one-off Workfare Special Payments in cash.

Both payments will be made tomorrow.

Self-employed persons and informal workers will receive the Workfare payment and Special Payment for work done last year in May.

As for those who worked in 2008, but have yet to register or make their Medisave contributions, they must do so by the end of March to receive both payments in May.

If not, they'll receive both payments after May.

The Ministry of Manpower says all self-employed and informal workers aged 35 and above in 2008 should register with the CPF Board and pay their Medisave in order to receive Workfare and the cash Special Payment.

The same applies to those who earn less than 1,500 dollars per month.

MOM says the contribution rates for this group have been reduced to as low as 2.5 per cent and payments can be made in instalments and at many locations islandwide.

Workers above 45 years old who earn 1,000 dollars a month need only contribute 339 dollars a year to their Medisave to get Workfare and the Special Payment.