19 Oct

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18 Oct

Marketing your Services for Business Success (Pt 1)

Marketing applies differently to products as compared to services. In this edition, the main differences between marketing a product and marketing a service and how you can begin to get services marketing right.

Guest: Jochen Wirtz Professor of Marketing at the NUS Business School, and the co-author of Essentials of Services Marketing.

17 Oct

How can self-leaders bring out the best in their team members by leading themselves well and without molly-coddling their staff. Also, the last few principles of effective communication with your staff.

16 Oct 

Self-leaders are able to lead themselves in every aspect of their lives before they can lead others well. Today, a look at triggers you can set for yourself in order to be in the best state to lead yourself and others and some communication strategies you can use to bring out the best in your team.

15 Oct

Self-Leadership Pt 5

Learn how your internal dialogue determines your leadership success and how you can re-frame this dialogue to create positive situations.

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