US envoy: 'Very strong consensus' with China on N. Korea

The US and China have "achieved a very strong degree of consensus" on North Korea. 

This is according to US envoy Glyn Davies, who said this after meetings in Beijing following Pyongyang saying that it is planning another nuclear test.

In response to the North's earlier threat to take "physical counter-measures" against the South, Mr Davis said the comments are "troubling and counter-productive". 

Mr Davies, the US special representative for North Korea policy, said he has had wide-ranging discussions with Chinese officials on "all aspects of the North Korea issue".

He said both sides agreed that "a nuclear test would be troubling and a setback to the efforts to denuclearise the Korean peninsula", he said.

Both sides also agreed that UN resolution 2087, passed earlier this week expanding sanctions against Pyongyang, was an "appropriate response and an important and strong response" to the North's rocket launch last month.