Weekend protests in Malaysia at Merdeka Stadium

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak must face elections no later than June this year. 

And as the deadline draws near, the opposition has received rare permission to hold a weekend political rally at the Merdeka Stadium. 

Opposition organisers say the gathering this Saturday at the 30,000-seater venue in Kuala Lumpur, will focus on electoral reforms. A rally for clean elections in April last year drew tens of thousands to the streets but degenerated into clashes between demonstrators and police. 

And since then, the organisers of the protests have claimed that it has been difficult for them to get access to the Merdeka Stadium. 

For more on this, 938LIVE's Mubin Saadat spoke to Professor Chandra Muzaffar, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of One Malaysia Foundation. 

Mubin began by asking Professor Chandra why permission to use the stadium has been granted this time round.

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