World jobless number seen rising to record high in 2013: ILO

Five years after the global financial crisis hit, unemployment numbers continue to soar, with a record 202 million people worldwide expected to be officially jobless this year. 

This is according to the International Labour Organisation or ILO. 

In its annual report on global employment trends, the UN's labour body said that last year saw a clear resurgence of the crisis when jobless numbers rose by four million to 197 million in 2012. 

An ILO expert said another 5.1 million people are expected to join the jobless ranks this year, bringing the total number to more than 202 million. 

That number is expected to rise by another three million in 2014 and should hit 210.6 million by 2017. 

The UN agency said young people have been especially hard-hit by the expanding jobless trend.