1. There is no limit to how many calls a listener may make that day and on different days.
  2. Each caller taking part in the contest will be given only ONE chance at the answer.
  3. There can only be ONE winner per household for a period of 30 days for any contest. 987FM reserves the right to disqualify any winner upon finding out that the participant or his/her immediate family has taken part and won in any contest held by 987FM within a period of 30 days.
  4. 1 person (per household) is eligible to win a prize from any 987FM contest no more than 3 times over a one year period, as of 1 January 2012.
  5. All contestants acknowledge, as a condition of entry, that 987FM has a right to publicise, or broadcast the winner's name, character, likeness, voice or all matters incidental or herein.
  6. This contest is open to listeners in Singapore only.
  7. Winners are only entitled to claim the prize(s) allocated to the window of opportunity they play on.
  8. No cash substitution of prizes is allowed.
  9. Winners will be notified by phone/mail on their prize collection.
  10. All unclaimed prizes within 1 month from date of notification will be forfeited. Prizes not collected within 1 month will be disposed off at station's discretion which may include donating to charity.
  11. Prizes must be claimed in person. In the event that a designated representative is sent to collect the prize, written authorisation from the winner including the representative's name, I/C number and a photocopy of the winner's I/C are required.
  12. 987FM is not responsible for defective prizes.