The H-Two-O Ultimate Challenge

H-TWO-O is specially formulated for rapid rehydration of fluid and to replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes during and after physical activities or exercise. Although water does in fact catalyses the lowering of body temperature, it does not contain the additional properties needed to recharge the minerals lost during active sports. Timely replenishment of isotonic drink such as H-TWO-O, with fluids, vital electrolytes and carbohydrates would help refuel the body for better performance. H-TWO-O has also no added preservatives and artificial sweetener.

H-TWO-O comes in a range of interesting flavours, designed for your varied taste preference. These include non-carbonated Original & Blackcurrant, carbonated Sparkling Original, Apple and Blackcurrant. Packaging volume includes Packet 250ml and Can 300/330ml, PET 500ml for on-the-go consumption, while PET 1.5L is suited for family or volume consumption during active sports. To have a good game, have H-TWO-O prior, during and after activity to ensure the sufficiency of fluids and essentials in the human body at all times. H-TWO-O is widely distributed in supermarkets, convenience & provision stores.

Product Information
H-TWO-O Original PET 500ml Bottle

The H-Two-O Bottle

Retail Price: $1.20 to $1.50
Widely distributed in supermarkets, convenience & provision stores