Denise Tan. Outfits by Club Monaco. Accessories by Tiffany & Co.

TIME : 10am to 2pm
SMS Keyword : JUKE
DJ : Denise Tan

The Lunchtime Jukebox is all about yummy things for your ears to taste, as you chug away at work or your daily chores. Denise serves up a buffet of tuneful treats all guaranteed to fuel you up and keep you satisfied all through your hectic lunch break. Here's what's on the Lunchtime Jukebox Menu:

Requests & Dedications
Take control of the lunchtime playlist and eat to the beat of your favourite songs! Denise is standing by to play you what you want to hear!

The Lady Who Lunches
Introducing Lady Leandra Lewis of London, who dishes out "life lines" as she lunches. Be tickled by her kooky advice and perspectives on food, fashion, style, relationships... Life, in general!

Makan Kakis
Join your Hostess with the Mostest, Denise Tan and iconic food journalist, Makansutra's KF Seetoh, as they take you on their weekly adventures in glorious gluttony, tempting you with street eats that can't be beat! They are your Makan Kakis, introducing you to all things yummy, from zichar to prata to bubor chacha and everything else in between! New episodes every Monday on The Lunchtime Jukebox, from 11am, exclusively on Gold 90FM. For pictures and delicious details, check out our blog!

Takeaway Trivia
Denise will tickle your little grey cells with interesting morsels about stuff you never knew before!

Rock the Frock Fridays
Woohoo! Every Friday, Denise rocks out in a new frock, to a fun song on air - videos and pictures (sometimes with the rest of the Gold Crew) can be found on Facebook!

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