Launched in 1936 as part of the British Malaya Broadcasting Corporation, Oli 96.8FM started off its airtime as a four hour service. On August 1965, the station was renamed Indian Services of Radio Television Singapore (RTS) and in 1980 RTS became a statutory board called Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). On 07 December 1997 the station was renamed and kept as Oli 96.8FM.

On 21 June 2001, Oli 96.8FM received International Honours as it was awarded the prestigious World Medal for Community Service in the annual New York Festivals. This was in recognition for its record-breaking fund-raising effort for the earthquake victims of Gujarat where S$2.6 million was raised in 3 weeks. A historic occasion occurred on 10 August 2001 as the station officially launched its 24 hour, fully manned transmission. It was a milestone for Oli 96.8FM on 07 June 2014 when it changed its logo and adopted a ‘Less Talk More Music’ approach to its content.

Oli 96.8FM is the only Indian radio station in Singapore that adopts a full service programming format featuring news, information, magazine-styled programmes, music and entertainment. Mindful of the needs of the ethnic Indian community, Oli 96.8FM also broadcasts in various Indian languages - Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam and Telugu.