Aura Shai

Aura Shai

Aura Shai

Ria 89.7FM

Language Proficiency: Malay, English

Birthdate: 4th September

The Assistant Program Director of RIA, Aura Shai hosts Ria Rewind, every Saturday & Sunday, from 5-6pm. 
Prior to joining RIA, Aura Shai was crowned “Puteri RIA” in one of the first talent contests organised by the station ie. “Putera-Puteri RIA”. She was also a finalist in the hosting category of Anugerah 12, a talent quest organised by TV12.

Picked as host for concerts & events of big names involving Anuar Zain, Ziana Zain, Hujan and Rock Otais, she can handle practically anything. Plus, she sings, acts & dance! 
Aura Shai is certainly NOT SHY!

Radio Experiences:

(2004) Kampus Ria(2004) PTR(2004) Ooops Syiokk(2005) Sensasi Ria(2005) PTR(2005) Ooops Syiokk(Mid 2006 till 2008) The RA Krew(Mid 2006 till July 2010) PTR(Mid 2006 till July 2010) RIA Chartz

 (Jan 2009 till Dec 2009) SixTen

(Jan 2010 till July 2010) The RA Krew

(Aug 2010 till 25 Feb 2011) Aura Sofistika

(Aug 2010 till Mar 2014) SG

(28 Feb 2011 till 2013) Paparazzi Pagi

(Mar 2014 till present) Ria Rewind

TV Experiences:-

(2008 – 2009) Co host a segment in FYI programme with RZ on SURIA

(2010) Lead role (Acting) in drama (MAHLIGAI KACA) on SURIA

(2010) Guest in news program

(2010) Jejak Jenayah (voiceover)


(2009) Commentator for National Day Parade on SURIA

Hosting:(2005) Co-host Karnival WarnaRIA

(2006) Hari Raya Light-up ceremony @ Geylang Serai

(2007) Taman Warisan Event

(2008) Co-host for Flip Flap @ TKC

(2008) Co-host ‘Friends of TrafficWatch’ Party

(2009) Host Anugerah Planet Muzik Press Conference & Event

(2009) Co-host RIA Birthday Bash @ Republic Poly

(2010) Host Press Conference for ‘HUJAN’

(2010) Co-host ‘KITA PUN ADA TALENT’ semi-finals with RZ

(2009) Co-host Press Conference ‘Anuar Zain Live @ Espalanade’

(2009) Introductory host for “Anuar Zain Live @ Esplanade’

(2010) Host ‘Hi-Tea Bersama Anuar & Ziana’

(2007 – 2009) Host ‘RENTAK SINGAPURA’

(2010) Co-host Album launch ‘RiaHitz.SG’

(2010) Co-host ‘Make A Difference’ at AMK Hub

(2010) Co-host Warna vs RIA Bridal @ SG Expo

(2010) Co-host Warna & RIA Bollywood Challenge @ SG Expo

(2011) Co-host ‘Gerak ala KungFu’ @ SG Expo


(2010) RiaHitz.SG Album Production(2010 till present) Producer & Presenter for Oman Air ‘Malay Pop’ program

(2010) MediaCorp Recruitment Ad on “Today”

(2010) Bossini “Be Happy” Commercial

Awards & Nomination:

(2008) 2008 Bravo Awards: Best Trailer (Consolation)Token of Appreciation