Burhanudin Buang(Burhanudin Buang)

Burhanudin Buang (Brader Bo

                                                              Brader Bo

Ria 89.7FM

Language Proficiency: Malay, English

Birthdate: 10th October

There is only one Brader Bo, as the tag line over Ria goes “Stesen lain takde ha!”. 
The resident metalhead and “ROCK DJ’ of Malay radio, Brader Bo is the producer and presenter of one of Ria’s most popular extreme music program, Vicious Volume. 
Brader Bo’s entry into the world of local Malay radio was via the Warna-Mendaki Scholarship. Being a die-hard metalhead with an intellectual side, he appeals to listeners who like cutting-edge music and educational/intellectual content. The metalhead is also active in the local music scene as the mastermind guitarist of metal project, Chugga Ritual. 
Brader Bo brings with him a touch of uniqueness everywhere he goes.

Radio Experience:

(1999) Gegaran 99

(2000 – 2006) ROCK RIA ROCK

(2000 – present) Vicious Volume

(2001 – 2005) Tek 21

(2001 – 2004) RIA Mania


(2002) Tribute to Rockers Concert

(2007) Let’s Rock Not Stone Concert

(2007) Rock dan Metal Lebaran Concert

(2008) Band Attack Concert

(2008) Mat Rock Returns 2 Concert

(2008) Gegaran Rock Lebaran