Fiza O

Fiza O

Fiza O

Ria 89.7FM

The O Show 2.0 (6pm – 10pm)

Language Proficiency: Malay, English

Birthdate: 12th September

The chirpy and wacky Fiza O hosts the “The O Show 2.0 “, from 6pm to 10pm on weekdays.

Fiza O has helmed the first girlfriends show on Malay radio and has touched the hearts of many through real life secrets and issues shared and discussed daily. Through years, she has gained their trust and friendship.

And she is crazily fun and spontaneous too! Which makes her endearing to the listeners.

The year 2006 marks a breakthrough for Fiza O as one of the co-hosts for Anugerah Planet Muzik, the regional Malay Muzik Awards extravaganza. Since then she has hosted numerous TV shows and guest starred in many programmes. She had presented many popular TV programmes, Anugerah, Anugerah V, Cepat Tepat, Muzik Arena & Testube. On top of that, she had also hosted many events, launches and ceremonies.

“One of life’s pleasures and satisfaction is to be able to do what others think you’re incapable of."

Radio Experiences:

(2003) Kafe-Teh-RIA

(2004) Fantasi RIA

(2005) SKOOLZ

(2006 – July 2010) The O Show

(Aug 2010 – 25 Feb 2011) Paparazzi Pagi


(2006) Hosted Anugerah Planet Muzik 2006

(2006) Hosted Bulan Bahasa 2006

(2006) Hosted RIA Remix(RIA Event)

(2007) Hosted Anugerah Planet Muzik 2007

(2007) Hosted Anugerah 2007

(2007) Hosted Syed Azmir’s Album Launch

(2007) Hosted Taufik Batisah’s Up Close and Personal with Fans

(2007) Hosted Hi-Tea with Taufik and Hady(RIA Event)

(2007) Hosted Taufik’s Album Launch “Teman Istimewa”

(2007) Hosted Flip Flap 2007 (RIA Event)

(2007) Moderator for a campaign of Youth Events by Muis

(2008) Guest Host for Anugerah Planet Muzik 2008

(2008) Guest Appearance for Bulan Bahasa

(2008) Host for Warna’s Wanita Inspirasi (Mother’s Day)

(2008) Hosted Flip Flap (RIA Event)

(2008) Hosted Taufik Batisah’s autograph session for “Suria Hatiku”

(2008) Celebrity appearance in Sexuality Camp by Succhi twice (June & October)

(2008) Moderator for HPB Interactive Forum “Anti-Smoking”

(2008) Co-hosted Rock Lebaran (A Hari Raya rock show)

(2008) Hosted Salam Lebaran by Succhi (Hari Raya event for young parents)

(2008) Guest personality for TV Show (FYI)

(2009) Hosted launch of A.L.I.V.E programme at Darul Aman

(2009) Hosted a wedding engagement through PMU

(2009) Hosted a birthday party engagement through PMU

(2009) Hosted TV Reality Programme (Anugerah ’09) – 11 episodes

(2009) Hosted Anugerah 09’s roadshows

(2009) Hosted roadshow “Bintang Seminit” at Joo Chiat Complex

(2009) Hosted Western Union’s roadshow at City Plaza (thrice)

(2009) Hosted launch of Singapore Islamic Hub

(2009) Guest Personality for TV Show (Jus)

(2009) Hosted Cervical Cancer Awareness event

(2009) Hosted Hari Raya show at Tampines North CC

(2009) Hosted Hari Raya Show at Teck Ghee CC

(2009) Guest Appearance for Gurlfriend’s Camp at Darul Aman

(2009) Hosted Taufik Batisah’s Album Launch

(2009) Hosted Hady Mirza’s Album Launch

(2009) Hosted TV show “Cepat Tepat”

(2009) Hosted RIA and Warna’s “Rentak Singapura”

(2009) Acted in a special one-hour TV drama

(2010) Hosted Starhub’s Roadshow promoting “Cinta Fitri”

(2010) Hosted (Singapore’s first ever local music awards)

(2010) Hosted a 3-parter prequel

(2010) Appeared as a guest personality in Jack Neo’s TV game “Hooray! Hooray!”

(2010) Hosted Cervical Cancer Awareness event

(2010) Hosted “Pantun Segment” at Expo

(2010) Hosted RIA’s “Kita Pun Ada Talent”

(2010) Hosted Hady Mirza’s Album Launch

Awards & Nomination:

(2007) Singapore Radio Awards RIA 897FM Friendliest DJ

(2008) Most Creative Programme for “Gurlfriends” (Monthly Award)

(2010) Nominated for Best Radio Show - Girlfriends

Other Exposure:Commercials & Endorsements:

(2006 – 2008) reading Ambassador for NLB

(2009) HPB TV’s H1N1 Interstitials

(2009) Won Pesta Perdana ‘Anugerah Gaya Manja’

(2009) Appeared on the front cover of Manja

(2010) Appeared on Sutra magazine

(2010) Appeared on Style Magazine to give a fashion quote

(2010) Appeared in Today in conjuction with Singapore Radio Awards

(2010) Appeared in front cover of Selebriti magazine