Best of Incredible Tales (2 episodes back to back)
Compilation of the highest rated and scariest stories in the Incredible Tales library from Season 2 to 5.

Incredible Tales 6

Remember the stories of the paranormal and unexplained that you used to hear whilst gathered around with friends at campfires and sleepovers? Remember feeling those goose bumps and feeling like something out of the ordinary is playing tricks on you?

Incredible Tales is all about ghost stories told through generations which cross boundaries of culture and language. Stories that generate intrigue, fascination, and even intense fear.

Best of Incredible Tales Episodes
The Mirror & New Flat (7 Jan)
Nurse & 3rd Door (14 Jan)
The Bequest & Taxi/Friend (21 Jan)
Old Hotel & Invisible Partner (28 Jan)
It's Not Over & Kid Upstairs/House of Ashes (4 Feb)
No Picnic/The Other Room-Mate & Lift/3rd Eye (11 Feb)
The Foetus & Follow/Lover Returns (18 Feb)
Midnight Clinic/Camping & Ghost Lover (25 Feb)
Misfortune/Gift Of Love & Previous Tenant/PIE (3 Mar)
Coffee and Pau & Bt Timah Campus (10 Mar)
The Missing Daughter & Old Well/Paper Burning (17 Mar)
Devil's Whip & Possessed/Missing (24 Mar)
White Lady & The Ford Factory (31 Mar)
Marionette (7 Apr)
Curse (14 Apr)
Hidden Treasure (21 Apr)
Abandoned (28 Apr)
The Gift (12 May)
ATM (19 May)
The Banana Tree Spirit (26 May)
The Protective Father (2 Jun)
The Price Of Beauty (9 Jun)
The Stalker (16 Jun)
The 7th Day (23 Jun)
The Jade Bracelet (30 Jun)