Seven years ago, a small group of rebel journalists banded together to save Singapore from the onslaught of mainstream news tyranny. Those early days were fraught with danger, scepticism, cynicism, and untold misery as the small outfit, who called themselves The Noose, fought tooth and nail for the survival of their craft and careers. From an initial viewership of just seven, which included five censors, they won over unsuspecting Singaporeans with each bulletin. Now, seven years later, and embracing the seven year itch, the rebels are re-grouping and strengthening their ranks for another assault on the issues of the day.


Episodic Synopsis

Episode 1 | 1 April |
For the season premiere of The Noose, Singapore celebrates her 50th birthday this year! Looking forward to SG50, Singaporeans recall their good ol’ school days! Also, are Singaporeans the most unhappy people in the world?  How can this be?! And find out which baby event of the year has people on both sides of the causeway in a tizzy!

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Episode 2 | 8 April |
Move aside Ilo Ilo for here comes Milo Milo. Guess what and who’s the newest and hottest locally produced movie and director in town. Our favourite KTV hostess Lulu comes back on screen to show us what it means to protect one’s territory. And sick of doing good? You can bet on these guys to get the job done for you.

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Episode 3 | 15 April |
A ri I mean fight is taken to the streets as telemarketers take action in order to survive. And once again, our NS men are in the spotlight, what is it this time - a domestic helper carrying two backpacks??? Spouse for House or Mouse For Spouse? Are Singaporeans emotionally ready for the big commitment of marriage?

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Episode 4 | 22 April |
Move over Serangoon Road, MediaCorp bites back with its own international standard drama series. Also, casino entrance levies look set to go up at both IRs imminently…And a spate of violence threatens Singapore’s safe image.

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Episode 5 | 29 April |
Want to keep a pet? Make sure you have a child first as new rules for baby shy Singaporeans kick in. Singapore’s reputation as an international food haven is on the rocks, and it’s not just because we can’t cook. And senior citizens share how their lives have been transformed by the Pioneer Generation Package.

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Episode 6 | 6 May |
Singapore’s public transport operators are adding new busses to their fleets but are they congesting the roads even more? A new musical on Singapore…except this is being produced by our friends from the Philippines. And there’s more to this hairstylist than meets the eye.

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Episode 7 | 20 May |
Singapore is the most expensive city in the world, but what does it mean for ordinary Singaporeans? Take the bus, you brat…the authorities consider new measures to control the traffic situation. Problem solving champions? Well, the authorities have got just the job for you.

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Episode 8 | 27 May |
Power to the teachers…a coalition of parents want to give teachers the fear factor again. Sir, may I drive your car...the authorities test a new valet system at checkpoints. Where are all the beauty queens…have beauty pageants lost their relevance in Singapore?

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Episode 9 | 3rd June |
A Malaysian Minister’s visit to Singapore is marred by one breakdown after another. Students are giving teachers a run for their money with some hilarious test answers. And the authorities step up efforts to combat jaywalking.

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Episode 10 | 10th June |
Traffic offenders beware…the land transport agency now has ultra-hi-tech stealth capabilities. With more women entering the workforce, some men are choosing to stay home. And Singaporeans are warming up to a whole new arrange of fitness trends.

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Episode 11 | 17th June |
She helped to build a train station and now she will enjoy the benefits of the Pioneer generation package. Violent computer games lead to violent behavior…or do they? And a rare protest in Upper Thomson against a hipster invasion.

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Episode 12 | 24th June |
A dead crocodile raises a stink amongst foodies and conservationists. Construction companies feel the heat as the authorities step up workplace health and safety measures. And making healthy living the new normal…but will it work?

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Episode 13 | 1st July |
The green corridor may not be so green for much longer. The Noose tracks down last year’s top PSLE scorers. And does being a good customer reward you with good service?

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