In this mother of all competition series, a dozen of the country's most talented kid dancers compete in weekly dance challenges. Twelve kids and their moms will move into a mansion and the kids will perform a new routine each week while the moms manage and oversee them. Will the moms get in the way of their child's success and cost them the chance of winning? Each week, someone is eliminated, narrowing down the field to see who will become the top dancer. The winner will receive a cash prize of $100,000 and a scholarship for full tuition to The Joffrey Ballet School. Dance Mom instructor Abby Lee Miller serves as one of the judges.


#Pilot (Casting Special)

Meet 14 amazing dancers and their moms from around the country when they arrive in Los Angeles for the chance of a lifetime, the final audition of Abby s Ultimate Dance Competition. In an intense rehearsal, the dancers must learn three different routines in only two hours. The finalists also get a chance to meet their judges, including "Lead Judge" Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller, who is joined at the judges table by Robin Antin, founder of the Pussycat Doll s dance troupe, and celebrity choreographer Richard "Richy" Jackson. It all comes down to a double elimination and the pressure is on as the contestants must impress the judges if they want to make the cut.

#01 (Let the Dancing Begin)

When this life-changing competition kicks off the 12 finalists are tasked with their first live performance in front of judges including, Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller, Robin Antin, founder of the Pussycat Doll s dance troupe and celebrity choreographer, Richard "Richy" Jackson. The dancers are split into trios and assigned routines with a "Hollywood" theme. As the contestants prepare throughout the week, the moms start sizing each other up. Alliances begin to form, but when one mom takes charge during rehearsal, the other moms realize that she could be trouble. Plus, one mother and daughter team reveal just how far they are willing to go to win the competition.

#02 (Unleash the Monsters)

There are 11 dancers left and the theme for this week's competition is "Monsters of the Night." The theme proves to be very fitting as one mom bares her claws and strikes at another, who is using her divorce as a way to get attention. After witnessing that mom make one of the girls break into tears, two of the other mothers join forces and conjure up a demon, unleashing on the other mom claiming she is being fake. Also one of the girls wins the group dance challenge and gets a solo, but there must be a full moon because she brings out the beast in her mother who refuses to listen to her daughter's suggestions.

#03 (Get Into Character)

This week, the 10 remaining dancers are assigned duets based on "American Extremes." One of the classically trained dancers struggles during her hip-hop duet. Meanwhile, another contestant's role in the group dance forces her to share painful memories with her fellow dancers. Plus, one mother's meddling threatens to send a team home.

#04 (In a New York Minute)

The nine remaining dancers are thrilled when they learn the theme for this week s performance is "Broadway." But when two mothers at odds team up, everyone prepares for the worst. Meanwhile, one dancer struggles with the hip-hop trio and when the judges can t decide who should go home, that can mean only one thing...a dance-off!

#05 (Sabotage)

After winning the right to pick all the dance assignments for the week, one mother takes this week's skill, survival, to heart. Her strategy to sabotage the other dancers by putting them in their weakest areas creates discord amongst the mothers who feel betrayed by her actions. Meanwhile, one dancer struggles with her technique while ignoring her mother's corrections, which threatens to turn their dance into a real disaster. And, one pair must overcome their physical differences in order to become the perfect dancing machines.

#06 (Dancing Through the Decades)

With only seven dancers left in the competition, the pressure is at a fever-pitch. One mom is overwhelmed as she deals with competition demands as well as personal problems. Meanwhile, one dancer struggles with confidence issues as she tackles her very first solo of the competition.

#07 (Happily Never After)

It s Witches, Wolves and Wicked Stepmothers, this week when the dancers enter the land of fairy tales. But for one mother and daughter, their fantasy of being the ultimate dancer comes to an end. Meanwhile another dancer struggles with becoming the evil Stepmother. Plus an injury during rehearsal could spell disaster for another mother and daughter duo.

#08 (Bend It Like Abby)

The final five dancers must be very flexible this week as they try to master dance styles from around the world. One dancer starts some drama that quickly goes global after she tells her mother she overheard other dancers saying she wished she had been eliminated. Another dancer struggles to connect with the history of the people that inspired her routine. And, the bottom two dancers must undergo a flexibility test to stay in the competition, but will they be able to bend without breaking?

#09 (Cirque du Solos)

With only four dancers remaining in the competition, the moms have to do whatever it takes to ensure their child makes it to the final three. This week the girls not only have to worry about perfecting their solos, but they re also doing a complicated and grueling circus inspired group dance.

#10 (Dance For Your Life)

Only three dancers remain for the grueling final round of this life changing competition. With $100,000 and a scholarship to the Joffrey School of Ballet in New York on the line, the three remaining girls must dance for their lives. But they re not alone. Former contestants and their moms make a surprise return for one last performance. It all comes down to the two hour finale when Abby will reveal her first Ultimate Dancer.