Every society has its fair share of weirdos, crackpots and peculiar characters. Singapore is no exception. We are a city state with a first world economy. But we are ,supposedly, also a people in continuous search of that kampong spirit of a bygone era and a unique national identity. Will it stem from our multi-racial, multi-cultural mix? Or perhaps our local lingo? Or our food for that matter?

Random Island is a new eight part sketch comedy series which will celebrate and lampoon uniquely Singapore's very own colourful and comedic characters and their stereotypes. From the bogus tour guide who makes up stories as she goes along to an entrepreneurial ah-beng who channels the teachings of his late father and a precocious kid who always puts his parents in a spot of bother, these recurring characters and situations will present many funny moments that hopefully will make us pause and appreciate our distinct and dramatic diversity. Heck, we will even go back in history to lampoon Singapore's first expat, Sir Stamford Raffles himself.

Random Island stars Chua Enlai (The Noose), Oon Shu An (The Kitchen Musical), Mike Kasem (Class 95FM), Mathilda De Silva (Singapore Idol) and Fuzz (stand-up comedian).

Find information and pictures on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #RandomIsland!