Confessions of a Crime

As with Season 1 of Confessions of a Crime, Season 2 tells the story of real criminals in a no holds barred, gritty, dramatic recreation led by the first person testimonial of the criminal. A cautionary tale that sends a strong message to viewers and would be criminals that crime does not pay. The show uses the first person voice, unmasked and full frontal confessions of real criminals - from the point they entered into crime, their past, their eventual capture and their time in prison to the present. There are no voice-overs, no narration, no famous actors, just the exconvict's first-hand account with essential scenes reconstructed to highlight various turning points and dramatic moments.



Episode 4

Zulkhairee, 40 years old


At 21 years old, Zulkhairee figure out how to successfully break into and rob a mamak shop. That first offense would be the beginning of years and hundreds of cases of housebreaking. In 1994 Zulkhairee was finally caught and charged with over 100 counts of housebreaking and sentenced to 4 years in prison, one of the highest sentences ever given out to first time offenders at that time. Shortly after being released in 1998, Zul was arrested again for breaking into private properties and charged with 33 counts of housebreaking, which combined with his over 100 plus KIV cases earned him a sentence of 9 years and 18 strokes of cane. Upon being released, Zulkhairee was determined to start anew but faced with mounting financial pressures, he succumbed to old habits and was arrested in 2006 and sentenced to 3 years and a half years. Where we see locked doors and window, Zulkhairee used to see opportunities. As he attempts to rebuild his life, he shares with us, stories of his past.


Episode 3

Spike, 34 years old


In 2006 Spike was leading the fast life working as a DJ in Thailand. One night while DJ-ing at a full moon party he was ambushed by the cops and arrested for drug trafficking. Spike ended up spending around 2 years in one of Bangkok's most notorious prison the Klong Prem Prison. Upon returning to Singapore, his passport was confiscated by CNB and he is now banned from traveling out of the country for 10 years. Cut off from the world and his family Spike started Give Hope, a sales business aimed at helping other ex-offender to restart their lives.


Episode 1 & 2 (1 Hour Premiere Special)

Paul, 40 years old


In 1998 Paul fled the country while out on bail for drugs consumption and possession charges. While on the run in Thailand he became involved with an international syndicate and their underground dealings such as human smuggling, credit card fraud and drug trafficking. In 2001 Paul was caught in France for smuggling drugs from Amsterdam to France and served 3 years and 8 months in a French prison. He was later extradited back to Singapore where he served two more years in prison for past crimes. Hear his daring confession in the premiering one hour episode of the new season of Confessions of a Crime.


Sidney, 31 years old


Sidney grew up without parents and when his grandma found him to be too much to handle, Sidney ended up in Boy's Town. It was here he learned about drugs and developed an addiction to it. Without support from his family, Sidney was soon making a living selling drugs to feed his habit. When the money from selling drugs wasn't enough Sidney turned to other means such as house breaking and armed robbery. Throughout his teen years he was arrested for armed robbery and housebreaking and sentenced to a total of 7 years and 24 strokes of the cane. Just recently in May 2011, Sidney was released from prison after serving a 10 year sentence that was reduced from death row. He is now working in direct sales and trying to rebuild his life.