A new fashion competition series from fashion superstar, Elle Macpherson will feature 12 unknown designers who are given the opportunity to win a multi-million dollar contract to launch their line in America's largest retail stores. They will be faced with challenges each week to build and expand their brands. Designers and buyers from the largest retail stores will be the judges, bidding against each other to purchase the designer's work each week. Viewers will also be given the chance to purchase the winning designs each week.


Fourteen unknown designers get the chance to sell their designs to three of top retailers of the world and America will get the possibility to buy them online.


The designers get two retail spaces to display their designs. Buyers from top retail shops will decide if he designs are going to be sold online.


The designers have to create summer- must have looks for their brand. After being informed by top retail shop buyers about the latest summer trends they incorporate them in their new looks.


The designers will create one high-end garment and one mass market piece and will present them to America's largest retailers. If they have no bids they will be up for elimination.


The designers will showcase their collections in a blank window onFashion Starstage on living models. If they have no bids from the buyers they are up for elimination.


The designers are asked to produce garments thinking out of the box, so a women's cloth designers has to prepare an outfit for men. If they have no bid from the buyers they might be eliminated.