For one week only, two of Britain’s most respected figures in the world of hospitality and customer service, Gordon Ramsay and Mary Portas, will work together for the first time to run a hotel – along with a raft of other much-loved British TV experts… and fourteen young, unemployed people, desperate for a break.

The experts want the hotel to be a success because not only are their professional reputations on the line but, crucially, all the money they make will be donated to employment charities. They need to use the week to mentor the young trainees so that, by the end of the week, they are fit for work in the real world. At stake for the trainees is a job with Gordon and a job with Gordon.



#01 (90min)

The celebrities take charge of a hotel for a week as they train different unemployed people who want to prove they are capable of succeeding in the workplace. They have to deal with members of the public managing complaints and catering to their needs in the hotel's many facilities. They also compete to see who can raise the most money for a range of employment charities.



It’s the second day of business at Hotel GB and concierge Kirstie starts on Mary’s team. 

With the hotel hosting its first function, comedian Jimmy Carr joins Gordon’s team for the day as events manager. He has a ‘Best in Show’ doggy fashion show that will keep him busy.

Hilary checked in yesterday as a guest but today she launches her fabulous concession in the hotels’ lobby, Devey’s, which should help boost the girls’ team’s monetary totals.


It’s the third day at Hotel GB and, in the Staff Meeting, Mary’s happy to learn that she’s still beating Gordon on the percentage of guests who’ve paid and has started to take more tips than on dismal day one.  All the mentors are full of praise for the trainees, singling out reception trainee Emily, gym trainee Jess, trainee waiter Will and kitchen trainee Gun.

Again, receptionist Tom is rescued by fellow trainee, Emily, from a tricky check-out situation. She’s beginning to find him infuriating and threatens to complain to Mary – which she does in the blink of an eye. Mary handles the situation by promoting Emily over Tom. However, Emily’s new officious tone doesn’t endear her to Tom and Hotel GB sees its first full-on fall-out.


It’s the fourth and penultimate day at Hotel GB. Today the hotel hosts its second function and bar manager Gok will step in as events manager – the event is a surprise wedding. The couple getting married have told all their friends that they’re celebrating their birthdays and, once gathered, will hit them with the news that they’re tying the knot at the hotel TODAY.

At the end of the day, nearly all the trainees are looking good. Gun is a stand-out success in the kitchen and Will has been promoted to maître d in Phil’s absence. But who’s going to win the coveted jobs with Gordon and Mary tomorrow? 


On the final day, newly-promoted Emily takes it upon herself to motivate her fellow trainees American-style. Later, Patrick comments on how patronising she is, Emily gets upset and Mary has to intervene to resolve the bad feeling between them. That doesn’t stop Rory from gossiping about her behind her back – she think Emily has changed for the worse.

Meanwhile, head of housekeeping Kim is angry with Mary for dumping Tom on her without consultation, even angrily telling her to ‘shut your gob’.


We discover that across the week, Gordon’s team made the most for charity in tips, while the girls made the most in takings. Who will Mary & Gordon finally hire?

Look out for a surprise visit from some very high profile employers who have stayed at the hotel and eaten in the restaurant during the week. And they’re back with jobs to give.