Show Time & Date : Saturdays 10.00pm

Returning for a sixth season, Incredible Tales continues its successful streak of featuring stories of paranormal encounters by ordinary people from around the region. Hosted by Utt and shot on HD, this season will feature stories not just from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, but also from the Philippines. Remember the stories of the paranormal and unexplained that you used to hear whilst gathered around with friends at campfires and sleepovers? Remember feeling those goose bumps and feeling like something out of the ordinary is playing tricks on you? Incredible Tales is all about ghost stories told through generations which cross boundaries of culture and language. Stories that generate intrigue, fascination, and even intense fear.

Episode 5
Thais believe in putting money into the dead person's mouth so the dead can buy the passage to cross over to the other world. In this episode, a millionaire ordered to have is lovable and precious items to be buried in his coffin. His lineages fulfilled his wishes but strange portents begin to occur from the 3rd day of the funeral. The spirit was around to take his revenge.

Episode 6
Coming to Singapore to study brings a lot of new changes for Shilvia, an Indonesian student.
She not only experiences changes in environment, but other changes that she cannot understand or control and she seems to become a whole new person. A series of events unfold into a life-changing moment, which is she still thankful for 5 years later.

Episode 7
Death is not always the end of life for some live on even after dying waiting for revenge but some waiting for peace of mind and love. Rajeev comes back to the house where he grew up with his wife Manju but is eventually forced to reckon with the mistake he had done as a child. Although the mistake leads to a tragedy he realises that the spirit of his stepmother loves him as a son even after being murdered by him. Find out whether there is true meaning of life.