On the Edge is a 10 episode, half-hour investigative docu-drama series that looks into real-life cases of Singaporean youth caught in crime and vice. Through re-enactment and frank, candid discussions, viewers can gain a better understanding of the mindset and perspectives of today's youth and their troubles.

A panel discussion will be conducted with parents, family counselors, psychologists or social workers to better understand the obstacles and challenges of rehabilitating and instilling positive change in problem youths.

On the Edge aims is to educate youths and keep families informed about the dangers of criminal or undesirable activities that youth might get into. The series also hopes to deter future offenders and provide useful information for troubled youths seeking help. Every episode consists of a dramatised re-enactment and a panel discussion.

The dramatised re-enactment focuses on a case profile, showing the events that lead to how he or she gets involved with drugs, for example, and the consequences on his or her life.

The panel discussion is conducted by 987FM radio DJ Rosalyn Lee. With a lively personality that appeals to young people, she will help to facilitate our discussion with invited social workers, expert consultants, topic profiles and celebrity guests.