Episode 1: Point of Entry
When the leader of Team Epsilon is assassinated in cold blood, Glenn Chua (Carl Ng) is brought in to head this elite ICA task force specialising in intelligence and criminal syndicates consisting of dedicated sniper Vivian de Cruz (Pamlyn Chee), grizzled old-timer Cheong Guan Meng (Bernard Tan), IT extraordinaire Norah Rahmat (Fadhilah) and traceur athlete Dynesh Krishnan (Devarajan). He also reunites with old friend Jackson Goh (Jourdan Lee) in a chance encounter while on the case.

But friction ensues between the abrasive Glenn and the team, and with the fate of a pair of unwitting Myanmar refugees on the line, will they be able to work together long enough to break a new human smuggling ring before innocent lives are lost?

Episode 2: Arms Race
A stabbing case at Glenn and Jackson's old secondary school leads to an unexpected case of smuggled flick knives in Singapore. But when the trail grows cold, there's only one alternative - for Dynesh to go undercover with his old parkour buddies and infiltrate them long enough to discover who's behind this latest case. But Dynesh is just a rookie, will he be able to crack this case or will his inexperience blow his cover - and his life?

Episode 3: Natural Selection
When a shipment of smuggled snakes go awry, Team Epsilon is alerted to the existence of a black market for endangered animals - and a new smuggling operation underway. But when conventional methods fail to catch this smuggler, they must figure out another way to stop him, a way that involves Glenn and Vivian posing as... a couple? Will they be able to outwit the animal smuggler and break this rare species black market?

Episode 4: Family Ties
A midnight raid Police Coast Guard raid turns up a group of illegal immigrants - but where has the middleman gone? A hunt for the middleman ensues, but little does Team Epsilon know - the Angel syndicate is also on the hunt for the middleman. Will they be able to get to the middleman before Angel does, or will he end up a victim of the very smuggling ring he was a part of?

Episode 5: Adult Toy Story
There's more than meets the eye to Norah's auntie's new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Glenn starts receiving anonymous tip offs about various smuggled goods - but can he trust the sender? Who is behind these anonymous tip offs, and will Norah be able to uncover the secret behind her auntie's new boyfriend before something disastrous happens?