Episode 1: Escape
Telecast: 26 Dec 2014, Thurs 8pm

Glenn (Jack Yang) is arrested in the Philippines on suspicion of murder. Cheong is assigned to take charge of Team Epsilon and the team welcomes ASP Sophie Thomas (Liv Lo) as they investigate a nightclub with illegal immigrants as hostesses. DSP Victor de Cruz (Desmond Tan) returns to join CID Intel after his overseas studies and has a special interest in Glenn’s case. Glenn turns fugitive when he escapes from the police, but the police and Miguel’s men close in on him, Glenn is left with little choice but to seek refuge with a dangerous ally.

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Episode 2: Revelations
Telecast: 2 Jan 2014, Thurs 8pm

Glenn has joined the Multo syndicate in the Philippines and he is tasked to oversee a smuggling operation into Singapore. Norah has given birth to a daughter, Yasmine, and is on maternity leave. Team Epsilon probes into a family suspected of harbouring illegal immigrants and uncovers a dark secret as they go after an overstayer who is selling illegal cigarettes.

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Episode 3: Packed Up To Go
Telecast: 9 Jan 2014, Thurs 8pm

The team investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding an overstayer student's disappearance. Analyn arrives in Singapore to further her studies, and turns to Glenn for help when she's cheated of her money by an agent. Glenn continues to work with Anton to further the syndicate's expansion but is spotted in Singapore by Dynesh…

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Episode 4: Runaway
Telecast: 16 Jan 2014, Thurs 8pm

Amidst questions about Cheong and Dynesh's encounter with Glenn, Team Epsilon investigates the sudden disappearance of a domestic helper who steals her employer’s passport. Anton decides to put Glenn's loyalty to the test. Matthew challenges Dynesh to be honest with himself and his feelings towards Sophie, and Cheong's life is turned upside down by the arrival of an unexpected visitor.

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Episode 5: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Telecast: 23 Jan 2014, Thurs 8pm

When female drug mules are caught at the checkpoints smuggling heroin in sanitary pads, Team Epsilon goes undercover to nab a syndicate that’s dealing drugs at a Full Moon party. Glenn learns how Anton takes instructions from his higher-ups and Cheong is in a dilemma about his past and worries about how it would affect his family.

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Episode 6: No Smoke Without A Fire
Telecast: 30 Jan 2014, Thurs 8pm

The team investigates the source of an illegal shipment of e-cigarettes. Victor continues his relentless pursuit of Glenn. With Calvin's help, Glenn sets up a meeting between Multo and a local drug distributor to sniff out the leader of Multo. But things don't always go according to plan.

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Episode 7: In My Scheme Of Things
Telecast: 6 Feb 2014, Thurs 8pm

A sociopathic teen bully hires a man to rape a girl. Team Epsilon goes on the trail of a suspected illegal immigrant but something doesn’t match up. Meanwhile, Glenn tries to uncover more info on Multo but things take a drastic turn as Anton comes to a realization about Glenn and decides to eliminate him…

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Episode 8: One of Us
Telecast: 13 Feb 2014, Thurs 8pm

The team investigates the case of a tampered passport as it burgeons into maid abuse and manslaughter. Victor from CID pursues Glenn as a prime suspect for murder, but Glenn refuses to surrender, he is set on vengeance against Anton. Kara and Team Epsilon try to clear Glenn’s name.

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Episode 9: For Better of Worse
Telecast: 20 Feb 2014, Thurs 8pm

A recent increase in fraudulent marriages spurs the team to action. Glenn is back as the head of Team Epsilon, but concerns about Multo continue to occupy his thoughts. In the Philippines, Multo plans their next move. The team investigates a potentially fraudulent marriage, and the trail leads to a shocking revelation that personally affects members of the Team.

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Episode 10: Doctor No
Telecast: 27 Feb 2014, Thurs 8pm

The discovery of an illegal immigrant with a missing kidney sparks off an investigation into an organ-stealing syndicate. Matthew faces family pressures and has doubts about staying in ICA. Glenn and Kara are at a crossroads in their relationship and it looks to be taking a positive turn… or not.

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Episode 11: BFF
Telecast: 6 Mar 2014, Thurs 8pm

The team's investigation of a missing foreign worker leads to a grisly find at Bedok Reservoir. Tensions between Glenn and Kara continue to rise over his inability to express his true feelings. Norah rejoins the team after a long absence. Glenn finally confirms a worrying suspicion he's had all along.

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Episode 12: Dial-a-Con
Telecast: 13 Mar 2014, Thurs 8pm

Team Epsilon goes undercover to flush out a scheme involving impersonating ICA officers to extort money from tourists. A new highly-addictive drug surfaces in Singapore. Meanwhile, Glenn takes steps to keep track of his target - the Leader of Multo.

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Episode 13: Yelo Fever
Telecast: 20 Mar 2014 Thurs 8pm

The team is alerted when an overstayer attempts to leave the country using someone else’s passport, but the trail leads them to a disturbing discovery. Kara's father is hospitalised for a heart operation, and Glenn tries to be supportive which rouses Analyn’s jealousy. Multo looks to make a big move into Singapore, will they be able to slip past the authorities unnoticed?

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Episode 14: The Woman Scorned
Telecast: 27 Mar 2014 Thurs 8pm

In the season finale of Point of Entry, things begin to heat up as Multo’s plans unfold in Singapore but Team Epsilon is equally determined to eliminate the new drug Yelo from our streets. Meanwhile, Glenn is getting ready to fly to the Philippines to take down Multo’s leader and maybe even exchange vows at his own wedding?!