EXCLUSIVE Online Series
: A look back on families who've had their living space transformed in Season 1.

Season 2
: RenovAID returns for another season with a new presenter at its helm.

Join host Belinda Lee as we help renovate the homes of five needy families - each with its distinct challenges.

Find out what solutions our designers have up their sleeves to problems ranging from elderly-proofing a home to making space work for a large family.

Episode 1 Synopsis: Mr & Mrs Vong
Old age has not prevented 73 year-old Vong On Chiong from devoting his efforts to the care of his bedridden wife. However, his flat proves to be more of a hindrance to elderly home care. Space has also become more limited, now that his nephew and family are living with him. RenovAID hopes to make over Mr Vong's home so that it can better serve the needs of his family. But before work gets started, our RenovAID team runs into some problems.

Episode 2 Synopsis: Mr & Mrs Vong
Last week, RenovAID's efforts to help make over the home of Mr Vong and family almost came to nought when they decided to pull out of the programme at the very last minute. Fortunately, RenovAID's new presenter Belinda Lee managed to change their minds. However, the path to renovating this particular home proves to be more than a little bumpy. Join us on this week's episode of RenoAID as we see what other hiccups the team runs into.