Hearing Begins 18 August, Thursday, 8pm

About The Show

The lawyers from Roberts & Fong are back, with more exciting cases inspired by actual events, as well as odd clients and twists and turns in and out of the courtroom!

Join Dennis Tang (Adrian Pang), Wendy Lim (Asian Television Awards Best Actress Rebecca Lim), Angela Ang (Janice Koh), Nisa (Elfaeza Ul Haq) and managing partner Harris Fong (Asian Television Awards Best Supporting Actor Lim Kay Tong) this season as they become embroiled in cases involving casino exclusion orders, haunted HDB flats, a neighbourhood flasher and even a tissue chope-ing incident!

This season, Wendy Lim gets called to the Bar and becomes a full-fledged lawyer, so there's a new Pupil in tow - the handsome, charming Benjamin Wong (George Young), an overseas law school graduate who immediately starts off on the wrong foot with Wendy, but always seems to be in the good books of the partners.

Plus, Wendy has more to deal with on her personal side when her old secondary school classmate, Ginny (Mindee Ong), re-enters her life with a new potential case: Ginny is being stalked and blackmailed by a former acquaintance who threatens to upload sex videos he has of them on his Internet blog. The case takes a dangerous turn when Ginny persuades Wendy to take matters into her own hands and meet up with the sex predator.

Season 2 also stars Keagan Kang as Jacob Fernandez, a criminal lawyer at Roberts & Fong, as well as Tan Kheng Hua, who plays Shirley Wu, an old flame of Harris Fong and his new nemesis.

There are also returning guest stars Richard Low, Alaric Tay and Bobby Tonelli as well as new ones: Carole Lin, Patrick Teoh, and Annabelle Francis join the roster of clients or opposing parties our lawyers must deal with this season of The Pupil.

Tune into the most highly-acclaimed local drama series on Channel 5 for more legal thrills and spills ...

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