In Round 1, the money to be won has been doubled – each correct answer is now worth $200. And with the Hero or Zero card, contestants with the correct answers to all 7 questions can win up to $2,800 in cash! In the new and improved Round 2, the stakes are even higher. Contestants can now double their winnings as they move up the money tree – it’s $20,000 in the bag if they answer the final question correctly. And the kicker - in the first 12 episodes, each time the $20,000 is not won, $2,000 will be placed in The Bonus Bank. This bonus bank is opened up for the 13th and final episode when the top 3 players from the entire season return for a showdown. In this final episode, the contestant will vie for $20,000 PLUS the extra cash from The Bonus Bank of up to $24,000 in Round 2!

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