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A natural born performer with powerhouse vocals, Tabitha Nauser joined Singapore Idol 2009 at the age of 17, and managed to beat most of her competitors to make it as the 2nd runner-up. Dubbed as "the complete package", Tabitha shined on stage with her stunning vocal ability and her mesmerising stage presence.

Her love for music and singing began at a very young age when she would perform for family members and relatives at small family functions or gatherings.

Citing Beyonce Knowles amongst her music influences, Tabitha's ear for music has changed vastly, leading her to be versatile in many genres of music, such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Sentimental Ballads, Pop and such throughout the years. Being a part of an acoustic band in Republic Polytechnic has helped her to continue her passion for performing on stage. Singapore Idol has opened the doors for Tabitha on the national level and brought her more opportunities such as performing alongside Singapore Idol winner Taufik Batisah during the 2010 Chingay Parade finale.

With raving energy and explosive vocals that is set to shine in the world of music, Tabitha will continue to pursue her dream of becoming an international star.