The Diary of Amos Lee

He is Amos' enemy and is always teasing Amos and putting him down. However, Michael's dislike of Amos comes from observing how spoilt and whiny Amos is. He hears him complaining about everything under the sun, from how overbearing and pesky his mother and sister are to how stupid the teachers in school are. He resents Amos from being blessed with a middle class background and not appreciating it.

Michael is driven in studies; he has no tuition. He juggles his time well, taking it upon himself to train hard for swimming. He trains nine times a week. He even gets the school to sponsor a body buildup meal plan, as he's very serious in swimming.

If Michael has a fault, it's his arrogance. Because he's so cocky and self-assured, he picks on boys whom he see as weaklings and not worthy of his time.

Michael aspires to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games and he takes his training seriously.