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Thursday, 19 September 2013 13:00


Begins 5 Oct 12pm

The Teachers

Ms Lee(Played by Paige Chua)

Paige Chua

The gang's form teacher, she has recently graduated from the Teachers Training College, and is thrust into her maiden teaching experience.

The students can smell a newbie a mile away, so they constantly try to take advantage of her inexperience. But Ms Lee is a tough cookie deep down under – and one with a heart. Find out more about her character as the series progresses!

Mr Edwards(Played by Daniel Jenkins)

Daniel Jenkins

A posh, middle-aged British man with years of experience teaching in a state school in his hometown of Bradford, Paul Edwards was among the first wave of expat teachers shipped over from the UK, Australia and New Zealand to help make up the numbers of qualified professional teachers in the school system here.

Mr Edwards, who is also the vice principal of the school, has a very dry wit that never fails to go over the students’ heads. He also has an affinity and concern for the kids under his charge, as evidenced by his decision to start the English Language Appreciation Society to help the students brush up on their English.

Mr Sam(Played by Sivakumar)


The military-like Mr Sam is Bukit Timah Junior School’s discipline master. He walks around, cane in hand, constantly on the prowl for errant kids to take the brunt of his seemingly cruel and unusual punishments.

Students fling themselves out of the way if they ever find themselves in his path.

The Students

Mei Fang(Played by Tan Shannen)


Unlike the others, Mei Fang had benn studyimg in a Chinese Girl's School until Primary Four, a Chinese-stream school that taught in Mandarin. While there, Mei Fang was the top student, thanks to her extremely strong grounding in the language and no one could even come close to touching her grades-wise. And then her parents, reasoning that an English-stream education would be more practical, decided to enroll her at Bukit Timah Junior School. Now, she not only has to get accustomed to new friends and classmates, she also has to work in a group that doesn't quite see her as their equal. Mei Fang is a school prefect, although that is small consolation to her.

When she cannot think of the words to say in English, she spouts very fluent Mandarin phrases, often catching the others off-guard.

Huat(Played by Regan Tan Chia Sheng)

Regan Tan

A kid with an imagination that is constantly working overtime, Huat seems to believe that the school is his own wu xia novel where he is constantly doing battle with swordsmen and pugilists. For Huat, walking down the corridor can lead to a duel to the death with his mortal enemy, while the classroom is a deathtrap where he can be ambushed at any time by Lee the renowned Flying Duster. Thankfully, he is trained in the highest form of martial arts, which allow him to catch or deflect dusters in mid-flight – though in real life, what really happens is the uncoordinated Huat would try to catch the duster sent hurtling his way by Ms. Lee, miss and end up with a face-full of chalk dust. But one day….one day when he finally uncovers the final move in the secret kung-fu manual that he is always toting around, he will be unbeatable…

Huat is the Ah Beng of the group, who resolves his conflicts with fists and hustles his way through school.

Filzah(Played by Zainab Binte Iskandar)

Zainab Binte Iskandar

The middle child in a family of seven kids, Filzah is only able to attend school because of the government stepping in to make primary education heavily subsidized. Filzah knows she isn’t the brightest, but she makes up for it with a strong work ethic inherited from her father, an itinerant hawker who works long, in order to provide for the family. Though her school fees are heavily subsidized, Filzah still faces obstacles in her quest for an education.

Filzah is the tough, tomboyish do-er of the group. She would think nothing of rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty – something Rajesh would shy away from.

Rahesh(Played by Shaaman Diego Srikanth)

Shaaman Diego Srikanth

As the only son of very traditional lawyer parents, Rahesh is the youngest of three siblings. One of the few students in Bukit Timah Junior School who is comfortable with English, Rajesh is the teacher’s pet and self-appointed leader of the motley crew. Mr Edwards puts him in charge of the group, hoping he will have a positive influence on them. But it may turn out to be a case of the other three teaching him a prank or two! Rajesh’s dream is to become a lawyer, just like his father. He is the voice of conscience in the group, and the one who uses all the big words that kids his age cannot understand.