Chinese New Year Specials


A Cinderella Story, 11 Feb, 10am

A Cinderella Story

Deep in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Sam (Hilary Duff) a modern day Cinderella, finds her Prince Charming (Chad Michale Murray) on the Internet. Despite the comically malevolent efforts of her stepmother and stepsisters to keep her at work in their diner, Sam dreams of meeting her online soul mate at the high school Halloween dance. Now, Sam discovers that outward appearances can be deceiving and that even in the San Fernando Valley stories can have a happy ending in A Cinderella Story.


Anastasia, 11 Feb, 6:30pm


There was a time, not very long ago, when a young princess named Anastasia lived in an enchanted world of elegant palaces and grand parties. The year was 1916 and her legendary family, the Romanovs, was celebrating its 300th anniversary as the ruling dynasty in Russia. It was a joyous affair and no star shone brighter that evening than Anastasia.  Her grandmother, the Dowager Empress Marie, prepared a special gift for her beloved granddaughter, a beautiful music box that played their special lullaby. The Dowager Empress had a special inscription placed on the key to the music box - "Together in Paris." but that was not to be, for a dark shadow was descending over the palace.  The evil Rasputin had returned from exile to St. Petersburg seeking revenge. Consumed by hatred, he sold his soul for a dangerous power to curse the family. From that moment on, the fire of revolution began to rage across the country, ultimately destroying most of the Romanov family.  With the aid of a courageous kitchen boy named Dimitri, the Empress and her granddaughter make their perilous escape from the horde which is attacking the Romanov palace. But as they struggle to escape the mob that has become St. Petersburg, Marie and Anastasia are separated when the princess falls from her grandmother's grasp. As the distraught Marie heads toward Paris and safety, Anastasia lies unconscious, alone and anonymous.  And the greatest mystery of the 20th century begins...


What A Girl Wants, 12 Feb, 10am

What A Girl Wants

Amanda Bynes ("What I Like About You") stars as Daphne Reynolds, a spirited 17-year-old New Yorker who travels to London to find her long-lost father. In contrast to her bohemian mother, Daphne discovers her father, Lord Henry Dashwood (Colin Firth - Bridget Jones' Diary), to be a very proper politician and English gentleman. Undaunted, Daphne dives into a schedule of stuffy social events, determined to prove that love and proper etiquette can conquer all. But as hard as she tries to reunite her parents and make a bid for "Debutante of the Year," Daphne cannot conceal her irrepressible personality or hide What a Girl Wants.


Bartok The Magnificent, 12 Feb, 6:30pm

Bartok The Magnificent

Bartok, the endearing albino bat from Don Bluth and Gary Goldman's Anastasia, returns in BARTOK THE MAGNIFICENT, his own animated musical.  Propelled on a hero's voyage, Bartok (Hank Azaria) must save the young heir to the Russian throne, Prince Ivan (Phillip Van Dyke).  However, he must first deal with the sheltered Ludmilla (Catherine O'Hara), who wants the throne for herself, and face a series of tasks and adventures set for him by the crazy and possibly evil witch of the Iron Forest, Baba Yaga (Andrea Martin).