3 Intense Challenges. 2 Artistic Teams. 1 Ultimate Star.

Welcome to KNOCKOUT: All Stars. The brand new arts infotainment series with a double twist. Two icons, Sheikh Haikel and Gurmit Singh, face off against each other in all things artistic - from ballet to rock music to graffiti, musicals, photography, cultural performances - no art form will be spared as they compete for ultimate arts supremacy. And they're not alone.

Set in the KNOCKOUT Universe (a specially designed warehouse space dedicated to KNOCKOUT: All Stars), armed with arts tools and 6 new weekly competitive young team-mates, KNOCKOUT: All Stars features speed rounds, physical artistic obstacles and mystery challenges. Puppets Ooboo and Booboo (Vernetta Lopez) reprise their roles as the Goondu and the Guru to bring you the facts, fallacies and foolishness about the arts.

Team Haikel versus Team Gurmit. Who will be creative? Who will cheat? Who will be an arts star? The arts will never be the same again.